Monocular Depth Estimation Toolbox based on MMSegmentation.

Monocular Depth Estimation Toolbox based on MMSegmentation.



Monocular-Depth-Estimation-Toolbox is an open source monocular depth estimation toolbox based on PyTorch and MMSegmentation v0.16.0.

It aims to benchmark MonoDepth methods and provides effective supports for evaluating and visualizing results.

Major features

  • Unified benchmark

    Provide a unified benchmark toolbox for various depth estimation methods.

  • Modular design

    Depth estimation frameworks are decomposed into different components. One can easily construct a customized framework by combining different modules.

  • Support of multiple methods out of box

    I would like to reproduce some of the most excellent depth estimation methods based on this toolbox.

  • High efficiency

    It seems that there are few depth estimation benchmarks, so I start this project and hope it is helpful for research.

Thanks to MMSeg, we own these major features. 😊

Benchmark and model zoo

Results and models are available in the model zoo.

Supported backbones (partially release):

  • ResNet (CVPR'2016)
  • EfficientNet (ICML'2019)
  • Vision Transformer (ICLR'2021)
  • Swin Transformer (ICCV'2021)
  • I recommend cross-package import in config, so that you can utilize other backbone in MMcls, MMseg, etc. Refer to introduction. I will add more backbones in the future.

Supported methods:

Supported datasets:


Please refer to for installation and for dataset preparation.

Get Started

We provide and for the usage of this toolbox.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


This repo benefits from awesome works of mmsegmentation, Adabins, BTS. Please also consider citing them.


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  • Apr 16: Finish most of docs and provide all trained parameters. Release codes about BTS, Adabins, DPT, SimIPU, and DepthFormer. Support KITTI, NYU-v2, SUN RGB-D(eval), and CityScapes.


  • Some annotations in codes are futile, waiting to be rewritten.
  • I will release codes of BinsFormer soon.
  • I would like to include self-supervised depth estimation methods, such as MonoDepth2.

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May 23, 2022