Code for paper "WhiteningBERT: An Easy Unsupervised Sentence Embedding Approach"

Abstract: Producing the embedding of a sentence in an unsupervised way is valuable to natural language matching and retrieval problems in practice. In this work, we conduct a thorough examination of pretrained model based unsupervised sentence embeddings. We study on four pretrained models and conduct massive experiments on seven datasets regarding sentence semantics. We have there main findings. First, averaging all tokens is better than only using [CLS] vector. Second, combining both top andbottom layers is better than only using top layers. Lastly, an easy whitening-based vector normalization strategy with less than 10 lines of code consistently boosts the performance.


Source code and data for paper WhiteningBERT: An Easy Unsupervised Sentence Embedding Approach.


git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
cd examples/evaluation



We use seven STS datasets, including STSBenchmark, SICK-Relatedness, STS12, STS13, STS14, STS15, STS16.

The processed data can be found in ./examples/datasets/.


  1. To run a quick demo:
python \
			--pooling aver \
			--layer_num 1,12 \
			--whitening \
			--encoder_name bert-base-cased

Specify --pooing with cls or aver to choose whether use the [CLS] token or averaging all tokens. Also specify --layer_num to combine layers, separated by a comma.

  1. To enumerate all possible combinations of two layers and automatically evaluate the combinations consequently:
python \
			--pooling aver \
			--whitening \
			--encoder_name bert-base-cased
  1. To enumerate all possible combinations of N layers:
python \
			--pooling aver \
			--whitening \
			--encoder_name bert-base-cased\
			--combination_num 4
  1. You can also save the embeddings of the sentences
python \
			--pooling aver \
			--layer_num 1,12 \
			--whitening \
			--encoder_name bert-base-cased \
			--summary_dir ./save_embeddings

A list of PLMs you can select:

  • bert-base-uncased , bert-large-uncased
  • roberta-base, roberta-large
  • bert-base-multilingual-uncased
  • sentence-transformers/LaBSE
  • albert-base-v1 , albert-large-v1
  • microsoft/layoutlm-base-uncased , microsoft/layoutlm-large-uncased
  • SpanBERT/spanbert-base-cased , SpanBERT/spanbert-large-cased
  • microsoft/deberta-base , microsoft/deberta-large
  • google/electra-base-discriminator
  • google/mobilebert-uncased
  • microsoft/DialogRPT-human-vs-rand
  • distilbert-base-uncased
  • ......


Codes are adapted from the repos of the EMNLP19 paper Sentence-BERT: Sentence Embeddings using Siamese BERT-Networks and the EMNLP20 paper An Unsupervised Sentence Embedding Method by Mutual Information Maximization

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Aug 3, 2022